Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Saim Hann Progress Update

Ok, update!

The Saim Hann army has grown a bit. I have purchased three Warp Hunters and two Dark Eldar Jetfighters (I really do not like the Crimson Hunter model). I just need one more Fighter, one more viper, and one more Falcon to complete the army.

Oh, I still don't have any forgeworld aircraft, but I am working on that. A vampire and a couple of phoenix bombers would be nice...

I will be base-coating and painting what I have this weekend, and I will post photos as soon as that is done. See you then.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Jetbikes!

Just ordered a box of Jetbikes on eBay.  $116 US is a screaming deal. I will be picking up another from a local store Friday as I start my Christmas shopping.  After all, the most important person on my list is... me.

These guys are a bit of a mixed blessing for me.  I am getting a good price, but $116 US is still high.  That works out to about $10 per jetbike. $33 for the Farseer alone seems like robbery.  $41 for the box of three actually is robbery.  So, I should be happy about this price, right?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ulthwé Plan

This is how I intend to build the Ulthwé part of the army.

Most of this army came from six of the Eldar battle boxes.  They were not cheap, but I needed the Guardians, the vehicles, and everything in it.

The 5 Farseer jetbikes (plus 2 in the Saim Hann army) are the only old style jetbikes I own. I really didn't like the fact that almost as soon as I bit the bullet and purchased my first two boxes of jetbikes, the new ones were released a couple of months later.  I ordered some of the Chapterhouse Farseer jetbike conversion kits and I hope they help make the Farseers (on their old bikes) really pop.

Ulthwé Philosophy

My Ulthwé Army is designed to fulfill the core requirements of the new Craftworlds Codex.

My hope is to be able to use this core and its related snap-in formations to field a number of different armies.  Ulthwé is famous for its Black Guardians (which I believe are Storm Guardians) and Warlocks.  This makes it important to be able to field armies that are predominantly guardians or Psychers with attached aspect or wraith construct formations.  The old Warlock and Farseer deathstar armies are possible, but only if I have the models (and I think I do).

My army has two cores, one is based on Guardian Defenders, the other on Storm Guardians.  This is the basic structure of the army.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Iyanden Philosophy

I actually started collecting this part of the army first, with the Ghost Warriors Christmas special box a few years ago. I was enamored with the idea of an undead space elf army... well, that army has grown to include a few more units to round it out a bit.
My original plan was to just pop them into my Tau army as battle brothers and have them soak up fire... but then 7th edition dropped and the allies matrix left the Tau out in the cold. So I continued collecting.
I picked up the Iyanden Codex Supplement, another Wraith Knight, then a Wraithseer from Forgeworld (along with some Shadow Spectres). I decided to use Banshees as my elites choice and the Spectres for fast attack.

Both units have that eerie death sort of aura, and they don't totally suck as aspect warrior go. Wraith Knights and Wraith Lords would be my heavies, and the rangers who returned with Yriel would fill out the troops section. Codex solid army, I just worry about tabletop performance.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Saim Hann Philosophy

So, what is the thought process behind my Saim Hann army?

Part of my inspiration was the army (pictured below) on DakkaDakka.  Not sure about the lone Rogue Trader era Farseer, or the Titan, yet, but the Phoenix bombers and everything else incite major wood.

So there it is. I want to build an All Saim Hann army with nothing but red jetbikes, red tanks, red fighters and bombers, and red vehicles that is big and strong enough to just pound the shit out of army that gets in the way.

My Saim Hann army will consist of all the Jetbikes, Falcons, Fire Prisms, and other grav-tanks and vehicles I have.

Saim Hann is supposed to be this super-mobile force that pops in, screws everything up, and pops out.  No time for foot soldiers. Right?

Thursday, October 29, 2015

My Box of Eldar...

Ok. I have a ton of Eldar, Dark Eldar, and Harlequin stuff, mostly on sprue.  My goal is to have five complete armies, Apocalyptic in scale when complete and combined, utilizing every unit in each Codex. 

I mean, a whole blog for anything less would be...  well, you know, less

Prince Yriel
Illic Nightspear (I know he's Ulthwé, but this army has Rangers and they need him...)