Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My Army to Date

Ok, so my first decision is which Eldar army to build.  I have narrowed it down to three, Saim Hann, Ulthwé, and Iyanden (and Harlequins, of course).

I just can't decide which one I want the most, so i am going to ramble on a bit to get you to my decision points.

Saim Hann:  Brilliant red on their jetbikes and grav-tanks.  Fast, and bold.  Love it.

Ulthwé:  Dark and brooding in their black and ivory robes.  Mystical and magical.

Iyanden:  Out and unafraid in their bold yellow and bright blue.  Beautiful.

Maybe I can build all three of these distinctly different Eldar armies so that I can just pull units from any or all to make specific forces.  It shouldn't be too bad, after all, Eldar are like skittles as far as colors go...  Who would care if the wraith units are blue/yellow and the fast vehicles and bikes are red?  Every aspect is a different color anyway.

All my Jetbikes, Fire Prisms, Night Spinners, Vypers, Falcons, and Crimson Hunters will be red.  That way, if I want to field a Saim Hann army, it will contain all I need (aspect warriors aside).

I also have 3 Hornets and a Cobra Superheavy Tank that can go red as well.  Shining spears, too, I just really don't like the blue-white combo these guys normally wear and i'm planning on plopping an aspect or two into each Craftwaorld army anyway.

I need a red/white color scheme for them that's still distinctly Saim Hann red but different enough or modified in some other way to set them apart from the normal jetbikes.

Next I'd make all my serpents black in Ulthwé colors with enough ivory to tie them to the Iyanden and just enough red to tie them to the windriders.  Guardians too.  To help tie them to my Saim Hann army, I'd paint the jetbike guardians themselves in black armour and white helmet while leaving the jetbike red.

All of the warlocks would wear black robes with grey or bone accents so they can be used in any of the armies.  All Farseers would be in black robes with yellow or blue accents, I have enough for each army to have its own Farseers.  Of course the ones on jetbikes would have black robes with red accents... They wouldn't serve in the other armies often...

Then all the wraith units can go into the Iyanden Army.  Wraithguard, blades, lords, knights, the Hemlock and spirit seers can all be emblazoned in blue and yellow.  They have detachment formations, but to field them as a fluffy army on their own I would need some specialized units and troops.

In the fluff, Iyanden was doomed until some of its outcasts returned to save it, so how about rangers, corsairs, and shadow spectres all being assigned to Iyanden?

I could keep the grey-green-tinged bone color of the spectres' armour, make their helmets yellow and their tabards blue, and bingo.  The rangers would be in their camo robes, but with yellow helmets peeking out from underneath (I've seen this somewhere before).  And I think the corsairs should somehow be blue-grey with some blue and bone suggestions.  Not sure I want yellow-guardians, though... need to work that one out. 

Most of the Aspect Warriors are fine the way they are. I really like the default colour schemes of the Dire Avengers, Dragons, Scorpions, banshees, and Spiders.  I like the color scheme but will still change the swooping hawks.  I live in the Seattle area, so mine will be sport Seahawks colors.  And I could settle for a different look for the Dark Reapers. My Harlequins use a lot of purple, and it gets to be a little much.

I have already started designing the armies, they are about 4000 points each.  I have almost everything I need for All three, but I am closer for Saim hann.  Iyanden and Ulthwé, and about half of the aspects are in my spare room (though very little is built and even less is painted).

I will drop an inventory list in my next post.

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