Thursday, October 29, 2015

My Box of Eldar...

Ok. I have a ton of Eldar, Dark Eldar, and Harlequin stuff, mostly on sprue.  My goal is to have five complete armies, Apocalyptic in scale when complete and combined, utilizing every unit in each Codex. 

I mean, a whole blog for anything less would be...  well, you know, less

Prince Yriel
Illic Nightspear (I know he's Ulthwé, but this army has Rangers and they need him...)

3 Autarchs
4 SpiritSeers (3 are kit-bashed, and one is from the clamshell box)
3 Farseers
1 Bonesinger (spiritseer)
1 Wraith Seer (Forgeworld)
6 Warlocks
3 Wraith Knights
6 Wraithlords
20 Wraithguard (want 10 more)
5 Wraithblades (want 5 more)
3 Squads of 5 Shadow Spectres (FW)
3 Shadow Spectre Exarchs (FW)
1 Illyric Shadow Spectre Phoenix Lord (FW)
25 Rangers and the special squatting dude (want 5 more)
1 Hemlock Wraith Fighters (want 2 more)

Saim Hann:
1 Autarch on a special Jetbike
3 Farseer Skyrunner
10 Skyrunner Warlocks
36 Windriders
15 Shining Spears
6 Vypers
3 Hornets (Forgeworld)
3 Fire Prisms (want 3 more)
1 Cobra II Superheavy (FW)
4 Falcons (want two more)
3 Warp Hunters (FW)
2 Cimson Hunters (want 1 more)
2-3 Warp Hunters

2-3 Phoenix Bombers

1 Eldrad
5 Autarchs
4 Farseers
100 Guardians (way too many, but still want 30 Storm G Conversion kits)
12 Wave Serpents (want 2 less)
1 DE Venom (Eldrad's Caddy)
4 War Walkers (want 2 more)
6 Small Support Weapons
4 Large Support Weapons (want 2 more)
4 Vypers (not counting Saim Hann)

.......(Battleforged armies lump these into formations of
........three squads, so seems like a good place to start..)
50 Dire Avengers, 5 Exarchs & Phoenix Lord
........(I can't decide if I want six squads of these...)
20 Fire Dragons, 2 Exarchs & Phoenix Lord (want 1 more squad)
10 Striking Scorpions, 1 Exarch & Phoenix Lord (want 2 more squads)
10 Swooping Hawks, 1 Exarch & Phoenix Lord (want 1 more squad)
10 Howling Banshees, 1 Exarch & Phoenix Lord (want 1 more squad)
20 Warp Spiders, 2 Exarch (want 1 more squad)
8 Dark Reapers, 2 Exarchs, Phoenix Lord (want 1 more squad)

I have about a dozen all together, along with 2 Troupe Masters, a Death Jester, and one of the very old Harlequin Avatars.  I'm not even concerned with these right now... It's Ulthwé since they're almost done.  Then Iyanden  (same reason), then Saim Hann.  I'll collect the Aspects as we go.

Dark Eldar:
40 Kabalite Warriors (want 1 more squad)
25 Wyches (want 1 more squad)
20 Scourges
25 Hellions
10 Mandrakes
8 Raiders
2 Ravagers (want 1 more)
12 Jetbikes
4 Venoms (want 1 more)
3 Talos  (want 3 more)
1 Haemonculus
(Grotesques and Beastmasters)

(Someday I also want)
Vampyre Raider (FW)
2 Revenent Titans
And maybe a Phantom, someday...

So... This is a big army that I have been collecting for a long time, now its time to start building.

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