Monday, November 16, 2015

Iyanden Philosophy

I actually started collecting this part of the army first, with the Ghost Warriors Christmas special box a few years ago. I was enamored with the idea of an undead space elf army... well, that army has grown to include a few more units to round it out a bit.
My original plan was to just pop them into my Tau army as battle brothers and have them soak up fire... but then 7th edition dropped and the allies matrix left the Tau out in the cold. So I continued collecting.
I picked up the Iyanden Codex Supplement, another Wraith Knight, then a Wraithseer from Forgeworld (along with some Shadow Spectres). I decided to use Banshees as my elites choice and the Spectres for fast attack.

Both units have that eerie death sort of aura, and they don't totally suck as aspect warrior go. Wraith Knights and Wraith Lords would be my heavies, and the rangers who returned with Yriel would fill out the troops section. Codex solid army, I just worry about tabletop performance.

This army is shaping up to be pretty awesome. There are no Jetbikes, no Fire Prisms, and no Wave Serpents in this army. The core consists of Wraith constructs, returning outcasts, and a few psychers. A small population of Banhees and Spectres remains, but they are reluctant to commit to continued conflict.  It may not play well on the table, but it will be fluffy as hell.  I now have the majority of the army on hand, and now I am just working on getting it assembled and painted. Huge job...

Here's the overall plan:

Here's a list for you visual/linear people.


Prince Yriel
Iyanna Arienal (converted from spirit seer and wytch head)
Taec Silvereye (Bonesinger "counts as Spirit Seer")
Althenian (a Wraithseer "counts as")
2 Farseers
6 Warlocks
Winged Autarch
5 Spirit Seers
Avatar of Khaine


Jain Zarr (Banshees Phoenix Lord)
15 Banshees (+3 Exarchs)
Banshee-Equipped Autarch

Illyrith (Spectres Phoenix Lord)
15 Shadow Spectres (+3 Exarchs)
Spectres-Equipped Autarch


30 Pathfinders
Illic Nightspear (leader of the pathfinders)
Special Edition squatting Pathfinder

Ghost Warriors:

30 Wraith Guard/Wraithblades
6 Wraith Lords
3 Wraith Knights
3 Wraith Fighters
2 Revenant Titans

I have already put together one of the wraith hosts.  It is not painted, and now it is on the back burner. My next step is actually to finish the Saim Hann host first (I have to start somewhere).  Meanwhile, I will finish collecting the units I need to complete this component.

On my list of things to acquire are 10 more Wraithblades, 5 Pathfinders, another 2 Wraithfighters, and another Wraith Knight. And later on, if the money is right, maybe a couple of Revenant Titans.

I am not too excited about the Phantom Titan... too expensive, and kinda ugly.  But, hey, if I win the lottery... who knows?

I will post building updates as I work through it all.  Tell me what you think!

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