Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Jetbikes!

Just ordered a box of Jetbikes on eBay.  $116 US is a screaming deal. I will be picking up another from a local store Friday as I start my Christmas shopping.  After all, the most important person on my list is... me.

These guys are a bit of a mixed blessing for me.  I am getting a good price, but $116 US is still high.  That works out to about $10 per jetbike. $33 for the Farseer alone seems like robbery.  $41 for the box of three actually is robbery.  So, I should be happy about this price, right?

I am happy for the new sculpts. On this bit I am glad I waited so long for the new bikes to be released. I wanted the Jes Goodwin sculpts from 2007 so badly, but they were soooooo sloooowwww to release it.  The wait was definitely worth it.

I had always wanted my Shining spears to look a little different, so I decided a long time ago to either use Dark Eldar Reavers for my spears or come up with a conversion.  Thankfully, the DE nosecones work perfectly on these new bikes.  They differentiate the Spears and look amazing.  I have the bikes built, and I will post once I get the riders squared away.  Should be mid-December.

These new bikes, along with a FirePrism and one last Falcon will very nearly complete the collection portion for my Saim Hann list for now.  All that remains is the flyers.  And all the assembly.  And the painting.

The Warp Hunters and other bits can wait.

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