Sunday, November 15, 2015

Saim Hann Philosophy

So, what is the thought process behind my Saim Hann army?

Part of my inspiration was the army (pictured below) on DakkaDakka.  Not sure about the lone Rogue Trader era Farseer, or the Titan, yet, but the Phoenix bombers and everything else incite major wood.

So there it is. I want to build an All Saim Hann army with nothing but red jetbikes, red tanks, red fighters and bombers, and red vehicles that is big and strong enough to just pound the shit out of army that gets in the way.

My Saim Hann army will consist of all the Jetbikes, Falcons, Fire Prisms, and other grav-tanks and vehicles I have.

Saim Hann is supposed to be this super-mobile force that pops in, screws everything up, and pops out.  No time for foot soldiers. Right?

Jetbikes form the core of the army. I based the structure on twin cores from the last craftworlds rulebook. That means a farseer, a warlock conclave, a squad of Vypers, and three squads of windriders. I added a warlock to each squad of six, and two or three warlocks to the Farseer. This means each core has 18 Windriders, 6 Warlocks, and a Farseer. For the two cores that is 50 bikes in all. I know it is a lot, but I am building an apocalyptic-scale army here….

The tank section consists of 3 Fire Prisms, 3 Warp Hunters, and 6 Falcons. Three of the Falcons will have an extra turret to be subbed in as Fire Prisms. So one squad of actual Fire Prisms, and the other set to be swappable as Falcons, Fire Storms, or Night Spinners.  They won’t be exact matches for Fire Prisms, but they will do for apocalypse where firepower may be more valuable than transport capacity (which I have in spades). That will give me potentially more punch and flexibility.

But the jetbikes and tanks alone seemed shallow, fast but too weak to really do well in all situations.  There’s not a whole lot of variety in the army, so I added in a couple of aspects and some Forgeworld models. And remember, this is not my entire Aeldari force, just the fluffy Saim Hann piece.

First, my aspects consist of the Shining Spears and Crimson Hunters.  I did not want to buy the old-style bikes for my shining spears, and mounting them on the new ones (of which I already have a ton) seemed boring. So I converted some of the newer bikes to incorporate Drukhari technology. In my mind, the Eldar are supposedly one race, but not monolithic in culture. Some would have mindsets closer to that of the Drukhari, and others the complete opposite.

My Saim Hann are closer to and more likely to borrow technology from the dark ones than any other Craftworlds would dare. So in my mind’s eye, certain technologies could be shared. I changed the nose cones of my shining spears jetbikes to the Dark Eldar style, and lost the tail vanes common to the standard Asuryani jetbikes.  My plan is to use some of the wider vanes from the Wraithguard kit.  I just need to come up with 15 pairs... bitsworld.  I'll show you the conversions later.

My Crimson Hunters were also a huge consternation for me. I really do not like the GW model for these aircraft. I am not sure what about its aesthetic turns me off, but it must be something, maybe the twin-tail wing-like thingys... Anyway, I will be using the Dark Eldar Razorwings for these.  I plan to file down a couple of the angular-curvy bits in the otherwise curving wing foil, and maybe add some Asuryani weaponry for consistency.  Stay tuned for that conversion!

Then I added the Hornets and Scorpion type II superheavy tank.  The Hornets fill the gap between the Vypers and Fire Prisms, and the tank gives the army some much-needed depth.  I didn't convert too much on these, except for magnetizing the Hornets weapons. I’d like to get three more Hornets, I really like the aesthetic, and what they add to the army in game.

My last point of interest for this army is the Autarch. You're gonna love him. I managed to get my hands on one of those metal Dark Elves Black Ark of Naggoroth prow skulls for my Autarch's jetbike. I hope that works out nicely. I'm thinking about converting some of the leftover blades from a Dark Eldar transport as his bike's fins...

More on my conversions later.

When finished, My army should look like this:

Here's a list for more linear folks.

1 Autarch on Jetbike
1 Farseer Council (2 Farseers 3-4 Warlocks)

1st Host:
1 Farseer
2-3 Warlocks (Warlock Conclave)
18 Jetbikes (+3 warlocks)
3 Vypers

2nd Host:
1 Farseer
2-3 Warlocks (Warlock Conclave)
18 Jetbikes (+3 warlocks)
3 Vypers

Tanks and Formations
3 Fire Prisms
3 Warp Hunters
6 Falcons (3 Fireprism or Night Spinner convertables)
1 Scorpion II Superheavy
3 Hornets

Aspect Warriors
3 Crimson Hunters
2 Phoenix Bombers
15 Shining Spears (conversions)

Like I said, I have two Windrider hosts. I know this is a butt load of bikes, but it allows me to bring in an Autarch and a couple more Farseers if I want.  Maybe even a seer council...

There are six Falcons, clearly for troops and aspects... definitely not Saim Hann, but I think it is a bit unrealistic to believe that I will never use them with this army.  At least they will be driven about in sexy Saim Hann Falcons...

Iyanden gets the Wraith constructs, Banshees, Shadow Spectres, and Pathfinders, and Ulthwé gets all the Wave Serpents, guardians, other aspect warriors and hardware. Of course, any sub-faction can borrow units and formations from one another.

Other than that, and a Phoenix Bomber or two...  and money, I always need that...

Once I am done with these vehicles, I will start back in on Iyanden.

More to come.

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