Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ulthwé Philosophy

My Ulthwé Army is designed to fulfill the core requirements of the new Craftworlds Codex.

My hope is to be able to use this core and its related snap-in formations to field a number of different armies.  Ulthwé is famous for its Black Guardians (which I believe are Storm Guardians) and Warlocks.  This makes it important to be able to field armies that are predominantly guardians or Psychers with attached aspect or wraith construct formations.  The old Warlock and Farseer deathstar armies are possible, but only if I have the models (and I think I do).

My army has two cores, one is based on Guardian Defenders, the other on Storm Guardians.  This is the basic structure of the army.

The two "Cores" will each consist of

1 Farseer (on foot)
5 Warlocks (on foot)
3 Squads of 10 Guardians/Storm Guardians (+ support weapons)
3 Heavy Weapons Batteries with 6-10 crewmen
3 War Walkers
3 Vypers

In addition to the cores, I have several additional command options.

5 Farseers (on foot)
5 Farseers (on jetbikes)
3 Autarchs
1 Eldrad Ulthunan
1 Dark Eldar Venom (for Eldrad's jebike)
2 Squads of 10 Guardians
2 Avatars (both the GW and FW versions)
1 Forgeworld Wave Serpent (command variant?)
12 Wave Serpents
I will update this as I progress on the work.  

Till then...

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