Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ulthwé Plan

This is how I intend to build the Ulthwé part of the army.

Most of this army came from six of the Eldar battle boxes.  They were not cheap, but I needed the Guardians, the vehicles, and everything in it.

The 5 Farseer jetbikes (plus 2 in the Saim Hann army) are the only old style jetbikes I own. I really didn't like the fact that almost as soon as I bit the bullet and purchased my first two boxes of jetbikes, the new ones were released a couple of months later.  I ordered some of the Chapterhouse Farseer jetbike conversion kits and I hope they help make the Farseers (on their old bikes) really pop.

Two of these bikes will be painted red (with all the trimmings) for the Saim Hann Windrider Host. The other five will be sporting black, blue, and whatever for the mounted seer council of Ulthwé. The walking version of this council will be black and blue and magenta (like I said, I have a boat load of Eldar models collected over the years, particularly Warlocks and Farseers).

I am also really excited about my support weapons.  I have always loved artillery (not that self-propelled crap in IG), And Eldar are one of the paltry few in 40k who use it.  And to my knowledge there are three distinct types.

First is the "towed-type" piece.  Looks like a futuristic version of a Napoleonic era 5-inch cannon.  I have three, all metal, and each sports a guardian standing on a side rail of the weapon.

Second, the emplaced gun version. This weapon has a guardian sitting behind the blast shield where he controls the weapon.

And third, there's the squad support weapon version that can be attached to guardian squads.  I have six of these little guys all together, but I am not sure if I will ever actually use them.

But then again, the same could be said for half of this army.......:)

Anyway, in addition to the 30 guardians required to make up each host (totalling 60+), I have another 20 regulars plus another 20 old school artillery guardians.  They have several generations of armour, and are a gnarly bunch.

I even have the artillery commander (with the conch shell helmet) from the Rogue Trader days. These old pieces are not necessary to make an army, they just make great conversation pieces and special points of interest.  All-in-all, over 100 guardians... Right.

The only real challenge I have in completing this part of the army is getting the storm guardian upgrade sprues and all the guardians built.  I currently have a bunch of Dark Eldar pistols and short swords which will make the Storm Guardians look great, but I'd really like some of the regular storm guardian bits to fill out the units.  I already have a lot of DE gear and vehicle bits in this army so these shouldn't look too out of place.

These are the guardians I have completed so far. No heads or weapons yet, still working on the little vanes on most.  I will base and then basecoat them black.  Heads and weapons will be basecoated in white.  Then they will be further assembled.

I still need to acquire the emplacement variants... and I need to strip and paint the towed types, and also build five of the smaller squad weapons.
Back to the guardians, I plan to helmet all of them because I dislike the Storm Guardian upgrade faces and topknots, too thin and too ugly for my tastes. I don't want to see that every time I pull them out to play. The only one I like is the hippy head on the regular guardian sprue, but can't have 30 of that same head running about, can we?

Here are the artillery crew and guns.

I may need 10 more guardians to make three complete hosts... I can always re-purpose some of the artillery crewmen... I have way more of those than I need anyway (I have 25 and I really only need 6).  I may just change my plan and make them regular guardians now that I think about it...

Ok, I have five war walkers right now, but eventually I will have another one (or two).  Four are the nice plastic ones, and one is the old metal type (may put that one on eBay...).  That way if I want to field two or three guardian hosts in an Apocalyptic game, or just one in a friendly game, or a couple of troop squads in a CAD, I have that flexibility.

Same with the Vypers. I currently have the six I need for this army with another two planned. I will be buying two more of the windrider host boxes and that will provide the last two for Saim Hann.  I don't think I really need six, but they can always be used in the core of an Iyanden contingent if I decide to play them in the new decurion style FOC instead of the old rulebook and supplement FOC. Again with the flexibility.  I cannot play them if I do not have them.

In the last block I have the transports.  There are twelve Wave Serpents painted to match the Ulthwé and almost generic enough to be used in the Iyanden or Saim Hann armies.  Who knows, half may have blue and yellow accents and half may have red.  Or maybe all will have both. Or maybe they will all be different...  Whatever I decide, all of this really adds up to some serious build and paint time.  And while I am by no means an expert painter, I am fussy about my painting.

This is just my plan for now, of course it will change as I go along, these things always do.  Feel free to borrow or comment on any of my ideas.

I have not yet decided anything 100%, want to lend your thoughts?

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